Coco And Violet's first Flare Magazine write up 1998.

Coco And Violet's first Flare Magazine write up 1998.

About C+V

Coco And Violet is a women's contemporary wear clothier.  All designers are hand picked by owner Helen Nguyen  

The concept behind Coco And Violet is to provide a selection that will keep top style influencers on top of their style game but at the same time provide the quality needed for a staple wardrobe that can easily be styled to stay on trend for years to come.  Coco And Violet provides a balanced selection of unique, at the same time, essential classic pieces for everyone. 

All brands are carefully selected to showcase designer labels well known across the globe and includes many important labels exclusive to Coco And Violet and to our clients.

"I don't cater to me, nor do I cater to a specific person.  Everyone is unique and my goal is to keep it that cookie cutters coming from here!  If I don't achieve that, speak up...I'm always open for suggestions and take your comments very seriously."